Passaic County Mosquito Control

Passaic County Mosquito Control
aims to reduce the number of nuisance and disease-transmitting mosquitoes in Passaic County.  In providing this service to residents, we employ a number of methods collectively known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM). 
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Water Management 
Passaic County Mosquito Control carries out extensive efforts to remove blockages from Passaic County waterways and maintains drainage systems as needed.  Water management is done carefully, while recognizing the potential environmental impact of such work.

Larval Control
The mosquito life cycle begins in water as larvae.  In areas where water management is not feasible, larval control is necessary.  One example of larval control employed by Passaic County Mosquito Control is the stocking of mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis), which provides continuous biological control of larvae.  In areas where mosquitofish cannot be stocked, larvicide may be used to eliminate mosquitoes. Larvicides are applied by licensed operators using light ground equipment in areas showing large numbers of mosquitoes which pose a threat to populated regions.  Aerial larviciding may also occur in select areas.

Adult Control
As a secondary means of controlling mosquitoes, Passaic County Mosquito Control employs the technique of adulticiding.  When adult control is needed because of a severe mosquito infestation, or based on findings of West Nile virus, a truck-mounted or ATV-mounted ultra-low volume sprayer is used.

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