Wanaque Historic Commission

The Wanaque Historic Commission would like to decorate the New Town Hall and the Wanaque Library with pictures of “years gone by” in Wanaque (Midvale and Haskell).  But we do not have a budget!  Therefore, we are asking residents, current and past, to sponsor photos.


Pictures will be displayed in the New Town Hall or the library in dark walnut frames approximately 16 x 20 with matting.   Sponsors will get a small gold plaque on their photo saying “Sponsored by the _____ Family” or   “In memory of ______ by the _____ Family”.


Our goal is to sell approximately 50 photos.  We have pictures of the Railroad, prominent buildings, sights along Ringwood Ave., Du Pont, etc. to choose from. View some of the samples below...


If you would like to see the photos that are available, visit town hall.  There is a list with thumbnails there.  Pick out the picture that you would like to sponsor, fill out an order form, and write a check for $100 payable to the Wanaque Historic Commission.


Marie Mahler, Wanaque Historic Commission Chairperson

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