January 29, 2008


A Special Meeting of the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Wanaque was held on Tuesday, January 29, 2008 at 7:35 P.M. in the Wanaque Municipal Building.


The Mayor called the meeting to order with the flag salute.




On roll call, the following Council Members responded: Balunis, Cisco, OíConnell, Pasquariello, Pettet and Theoharous.The Borough Auditor was present.The Borough Attorney and Borough Engineer were absent.The Mayor declared a quorum.


The Mayor read the following Sunshine Statement:Adequate notice of this meeting has been provided by the Mayor and Council by e-mailing notice of this meeting to the Suburban Trends and the Herald News newspapers on January 17, 2008 stating therein that this meeting would be held on Tuesday, January 29, 2008 at the time of 7:30 P.M., in the Wanaque Municipal Building, 579 Ringwood Avenue, Wanaque, New Jersey, and a copy of this notice was posted on the bulletin board in the Wanaque Municipal Building on January 17, 2008, and a copy is on file in the office of the Municipal Clerk.


The purpose of this meeting is to hold a public discussion on the need for a new Municipal Building.The Municipal Building will be open from 6:00 P.M. to 7:30 P.M. for residents to view the conditions of the existing building:


††††††††††† The Borough Administrator gave a presentation on information for a new Municipal Building.




††††††††††† The Mayor opened the public discussion.


††††††††††† Sandy Lawson, 28 Haskell Avenue, Haskell asked the Administrator to go over the process for the purchase of a new municipal building.

††††††††††† The Borough Administratror explained the process.

††††††††††† Sandy Lawson said Iím not arguing the need for a new municipal building. There is a concern for the cost analysis.I would like to see a cost analysis breakdown before moving forward.Difference in revenue Ė Candle Factory go down to $400,000.

††††††††††† The Borough Administrator said estimate low and may end up higher.

††††††††††† Sandy Lawson said the $200,000 would be $70.00 to an average homeowner.

††††††††††† The Borough Administrator said the cost would be $10.5 Million dollars for the municipal building, community center, department of public works garage, firehouse, etc.

††††††††††† Sandy Lawson said convinced itís not the best site and would like a cost analysis in black and white.



††††††††††† Alfred LaNeve, 62 Cannonball Road spoke about other property and other sites to be looked at Ė possibly old Specht property.Years ago there was supposed to be a PAL building built which did not happen.

††††††††††† The Borough Administrator said weíre looking at monies.

††††††††††† Alfred LaNeve said $70.00 is not a lot of money to other people but retired people like myself is difficult.

††††††††††† Councilman Balunis spoke about if there is any available grant money to help out.

††††††††††† The Mayor said regarding the size of the property possibly put a third building if we find a suitable tenant.


††††††††††† John Maiello, 26 Rhinesmith Avenue, Wanaque spoke about the roof of the borough was not done properly.Should look into where the Pulte sales building is for a site.

††††††††††† The Borough Administrator said regarding that site the post brook is there.

††††††††††† John Maiello said supposed to stablize taxes when Pulte was built.Can you sell this building.

††††††††††† The Borough Administrator said it has to be brought up to code.We can deal with the Midvale firehouse situation also would have to build a new firehouse within ten years.

††††††††††† John Maiello said to buy the property you should go slow and have the tax revenue in hand to build it.


††††††††††† Sandra Moss, 7305 Warrenís Way, Wanaque spoke about the $70.00 tax collecting now or additional revenue.Should review the process.

††††††††††† The Borough Administrator said there is time to enter into the contract and there will be a contingency plan Ė during demolition or building excavation if ground contamination is found after the contract is signed.

††††††††††† Sandra Moss spoke about understanding the cleanup but it has to be remediated and would the engineering report be made public.

††††††††††† The Borough Administrator said yes.The reports are here tonight.There would be safeguards in the contract Ė be able to remove from the contract.


††††††††††† Lorraine LaNeve, 62 Cannonball Road spoke about being sympathetic to the employees and sympathetic to the taxpayers.Canít be sure the Valley View project is going through and the housing market is not that good.Be prudent, walk slowly and be patient.The times are burdened and troublesome.It would benefit Wanaque to succeed from Passaic County.


††††††††††† John Maiello, 26 Rhinesmith Avenue, Wanaque said is the Department of Environmental Protection ready for the Holiday Inn yet.How much is the tax ratable for that project.

††††††††††† The Borough Administrator said it would be $25,000 in taxes.


††††††††††† Joe Fiorito, 18 Boulevard, suggested that US Aluminum post a bond for the work.


††††††††††† Jerry Lyons, 93 Bergen Avenue, Haskell spoke about do need a new municipal building.There are a lot of businesses there and fair to other businesses.Would a new building fit in there.Other buildings would have to be made to keep up with the newer standards.

††††††††††† The Mayor said need to do that area and fix it up.

††††††††††† Jerry Lyons spoke about probably put a traffic light there.

††††††††††† The Borough Administrator said there is a traffic light at Second Avenue.Need to move forward on property.Timing needs to be done.

††††††††††† Jerry Lyons spoke about working at US Aluminum for a long time and it was contaminated but donít know of anyone getting sick.The water table is high there.


††††††††††† Jean Bakula, Gorge Drive, Haskell spoke about being concerned about projects that are yet to be built.


††††††††††† Jerry LaShade, 12 Rhinesmith Avenue, Wanaque spoke about the new municipal building and is glad due to trouble with parking now in the parking lot with court and people park on his front yard.What would happen to the parking lot.

††††††††††† The Mayor said possibly demolish the building and put a new firehouse.


††††††††††† Grace Maiello, 26 Rhinesmith Avenue, Wanaque asked Mr. Ferraioli the current total debt of the municipality including water, sewer and tax.

††††††††††† Mr. Ferraioli said as of December 31, 2006 the current total debt is fifty six million dollars.


††††††††††† Dave DaSilva, 108 Monroe Street, Haskell spoke about the need for a new municipal building but not to purchase a contaminated site.What would make you say this is not a good site.

††††††††††† The Mayor said we would have an environmental consultant to take a look at the site and Department of Environmental Protection would get involved.

††††††††††† Dave DaSilva read an email he received from the Department of Environmental Protection.

††††††††††† The Mayor said there would be a consultant to examine the property.

††††††††††† Dave DaSilva spoke about being concerned about contaminents in the ground coming out and affecting people.

††††††††††† The Mayor said the contract would be subject to stipulations and the Department of Environmental Protection would be there.

††††††††††† Dave DaSilva said youíre going into this blind with all the reports.

††††††††††† The Borough Administrator said there is a process we have to go through.A bond ordinance has to be done before the contract and funding can be done.

††††††††††† Dave DaSilva spoke about being concerned it drags out ten to fifteen years the taxpayers are still responsible for it.

††††††††††† The Borough Administrator said itís the property only now, not the ten million dollars.

††††††††††† The Mayor said if a developer went in there probably would be smaller businesses and probably would pave over it.If the borough purchases it, it will be cleaned up.

††††††††††† Dave DaSilva said it depends upon the use of it and the traffic.Has a traffic study been done in that area.

††††††††††† The Borough Administrator said no study has been done.There are possibly one hundred cars when it is tax time.Other than that the busy times would be 8:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M.

††††††††††† Dave DaSilva said with the police department down there the response time would be different.

††††††††††† Chief Reno said the response time never differs.

††††††††††† Discussion followed.

††††††††††† Dave DaSilva said the insurance costs on possible contaminated sites.The site selection overlooked the Beryllia site due to contamination.

††††††††††† The Borough Administrator said the contamination is under the concrete.The Department of Environmental Protection can allow to go over it.The post brook is there, itís the south end of town and look to be more central in town.

††††††††††† Dave DaSilva said before you vote make sure each one of you is safe with the site.


††††††††††† Sandy Lawson, 28 Haskell Avenue, Haskell said the cost analysis service to the taxpayers want to see it.Wait a month before you do this.


††††††††††† Bruce Lyons, 93 Bergen Avenue, Haskell said when is the re-evaluation to be done in town.

††††††††††† The Mayor said the County notifies towns for when re-evaluations are done.Itís a costly process and renovations are expensive.


††††††††††† The Mayor thanked everyone for being here tonight and will move along slowly.†††

††††††††††† The Mayor closed the public discussion.




On entertainment of the Mayor, Councilmen OíConnell and Balunis moved a motion to adjourn the meeting.

On roll call, all voted yes, and the Mayor declared the motion carried; meeting adjourned at 9:00 P.M.




Katherine J. Falone, RMC, CMC

Municipal Clerk