Special Meeting
February 25, 2009

A Special Meeting of the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Wanaque was held on Wednesday, February 25, 2009 at 7:00 P.M. in the Wanaque Municipal Building.

The Mayor called the meeting to order with the flag salute.


On roll call, the following Council Members responded: Balunis, Cisco, O’Connell, Pasquariello, Pettet and Theoharous. The Borough Attorney was present. The Borough Engineer was absent. The Mayor declared a quorum.

The Mayor read the following Sunshine Statement: Adequate notice of this meeting has been provided by the Mayor and Council by e-mailing notice of this meeting to the Suburban Trends and the Herald News newspapers on February 10, 2009 stating therein that this meeting would be held on Wednesday, February 25, 2009 at the time of 7:00 P.M., in the Wanaque Municipal Building, 579 Ringwood Avenue, Wanaque, New Jersey, and a copy of this notice was posted on the bulletin board in the Wanaque Municipal Building on February 10, 2009, and a copy is on file in the office of the Municipal Clerk.

Public Discussion on the new Municipal Building:

Anthony Arcari from Arcari and Iovino Architects gave a presentation for the new Municipal Building. Schematics for seven proposals were handed out. Started out as a single story building to a two story building to two separate buildings. The first schematic was a single building on Ringwood Avenue with the driveway across Melrose Avenue and progressed to a separate police driveway off of Furnace Avenue. The property is odd shaped and would like to make it as green as possible. There are security issues from the public zone and the seventh version makes the most sense.
The Borough Admininstrator explained the process went through the meetings and committees. A lot of time and effort went into it. The building should serve the town for the next hundred years at least.
Councilman O’Connell said we looked at room for expansion also.
Anthony Arcari said we left room for a lot of green space.
The Mayor said a needs assessment to be done yet.
Anthony Arcari said it was given to Tom and the committee.
The Mayor said what is the cost of two buildings compared to one building.
Anthony Arcari said there is no dramatic difference in the cost. There are different departments and different needs. Spread out rather than combine them in one building.
The Mayor said is there a layout proposed.
Anthony Arcari said not yet. It is listed to be what the options are but the interior is not laid out yet.
The Borough Administrator said the police needs to be on the main floor along with the courtroom. A number of offices need to be public friendly on the ground floor. With a two story building you need elevators and stairs.
Councilwoman Cisco said the safety concern is most important for consideration in my opinion.
Chief Reno said there is a concern for safety and cars coming in and out. Two separate buildings are beneficial for police use.
The Mayor said how far is the building from the street.
Anthony Arcari said thirty five feet from the property line.
The Mayor said shouldn’t it be back further.
The Borough Administrator said this is just the conceptual proposal. We can get into the details as it progesses.
Councilman Balunis said if we do this we have to take into account the War Veterans Memoral.

Public Discussion:

The Mayor opened the Public Discussion.

Sandy Lawson, 28 Haskell Avenue, Haskell asked how much will the properties cost.
The Borough Administrator said 1.7 million dollars for the properties.
Sandy Lawson asked what is the cost for the buildings.
The Borough Administrator said the police department was $2.90 a square foot one year ago today it is probably $2.50 a square foot. A one story building may be lower it is a timing issue. The municipal building would be less than the police building due to the technical requirements in the police department.
Sandy Lawson asked how is this going to be funded.
The Mayor said we can’t say yet. Address it before the building.
Sandy Lawson said what is the conceptual for units.
The Mayor said twenty units is the conceptual.
Sandy Lawson asked about the cell tower.
The Mayor said it will stay where it is.
Sandy Lawson said would like a cost analysis of the other properties still asking for it. Other possibilities are not being taken into consideration. Get a copy of the needs assessment and the seven schematics.

Dave DaSilva, 108 Monroe Street, Haskell said the parking spaces did you get that from a code or anything.
Anthony Arcari said we went to the departments and counted how many spaces would be needed. There is no code or anything. We averaged how many employees and visitors and used the data to calculate the peak load. Exceed the number on the schematic than necessary.
Dave DaSilva said is the forty seven spaces for police cars or total visitors.
Anthony Arcari said that is total spaces.
Dave DaSilva said would they walk the prisoners through the parking lot.
Chief Reno said no. There would be a sallyport.
Dave DaSilva said with the property acquisition and the economic times I’m glad there is a question if the project will happen. The candle factory revenue you’re possibly not even getting. The studies for US Aluminum for the architect and the studies for the properties that were looked at how much is that so far. I would like that information.
The Mayor said Washington is to give out money. If we receive it move forward, if not put it on hold. If possible to get money we’re ready and we’ll get it. We received grant money from the Freeholders for the property across from the Haskell Town Center. Programs are being made available. We don’t want to not be ready if money is available.
Dave DaSilva said money for infrastructure for Ringwood Avenue.
The Mayor said money funded for acquisition of property.
Dave DaSilva said properties this study and US Aluminum.

Chris Meakem, 215 Meadowbrook Avenue, Wanaque said get concerned for money only for some funding not all of the funding. There was an article in the newspaper for tax funding and ranked number ten. The County has medium of paying $6,600.00 for residents in town. People can’t afford it. Funding is not the homeowners responsibility.

Rita Heckler, 6417 Warrens Way, Wanaque said have you gone around to other towns and see what happens with the new municipal buildings that were built. Other towns have problems. You should go around and possibly seek input from them.
The Mayor said I have gone around to other towns and that is a good idea.
Rita Heckler said it’s good to see what other towns did and not have to redo things in the new building.
The Borough Administrator said I spoke to constitutents and found some things.
Rita Heckler said you should speak to people actually working there.
The Borough Administrator said we’ll get input to do it right the first time collectively.

Peter Heckler, 6317 Warren’s Way, Wanaque said if there are two separate buildings how would it be metered for gas.
Anthony Arcari said it depends on the meters and how much peak use it gets and the zones for the sections of the building.
The Mayor said it is just a concept and it could change.
The Borough Administrator said as it evolves we’ll look at things to make sure it’s done right.
The Mayor said are we looking at a basement for a community center.
Anthony Arcari said it is not in the drawings. It probably would be a concrete slab. One town decided to have a full basement built and they use it now as a community center. It will come down to the money.

The Mayor closed the Public Discussion.

Councilman Pasquariello left the meeting.

Closed Session:
Re: Negotiations/Personnel/Litigation

On entertainment of the Mayor, Councilman O’Connell and Councilwoman Cisco moved that,

WHEREAS, Section 8 of the Open Public Meetings Act, Chapter 231, P.L. 1975, (N.J.S.A. 10:4-1) permits the exclusion of the public from a meeting in certain circumstances; and
WHEREAS, This public Body is of the opinion that such circumstances presently exist;
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Wanaque, County of Passaic, State of New Jersey, as follows:
1. The public shall be excluded from discussion of action upon the hereinafter specified subject matter.
2. The general nature of the subject matter to be discussed is as follows:
1) Acquisition of property.
3. The Mayor and Council shall release and disclose to the general public the
discussion and actions taken on the subject matter of the above mentioned closed session when the reasons for discussing and acting on the matter in closed session no longer exist, but no later than one month of the Mayor and Council arriving at a final decision on the specified subject matter.

On roll call, all voted yes, and the Mayor declared the motion carried.


On entertainment of the Mayor, Councilmen O’Connell and Pettet moved a motion to reconvene.
On roll call, all were present.


On entertainment of the Mayor, Councilmen O’Connell and Theoharous moved a motion to adjourn the meeting.
On roll call, all voted yes, and the Mayor declared the motion carried; meeting adjourned at 8:30 P.M.

Katherine J. Falone, RMC, CMC
Municipal Clerk