DPW / Water & Sewer

Wanaque Water Department Information 


  •  All billing information and Water/Sewer Rates are posted under Departments & Services- Collectors tab

Fees for shut off of water service: $65.00 during work hours; $175.00 after hours

The Water & Sewer department is in charge of the physical maintenance of the water and sewer system. They read the meters for water billing, do the final readings, and maintain the wells within the Borough.

They also do the mark-outs of the water and sewer lines for various reasons.

For billing problems call the Collector's office:
(973) 839-3000 x7125 or x7127
The Road Department is responsible for the maintenance of all roads in the Borough, as well as all ball fields and parks. Aside from plowing and sanding during snowstorms, this Department will pick up vegetative waste and leaves.

The Road Department repairs and installs street signs, paints the crosswalks and stops on local streets, also repairs and cleans the catch basins, and cleans local brooks and streams.


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